The schedule is subject to change depending on the skills, experience, and needs of the class. Detailed updates will be available via the class website.

Field trips are planned as follows, but may shift according to weather conditions and/or class progress. Please be prepared to work outside even in unfavorable conditions. Come prepared with rain gear, appropriate footwear, water, your CTA pass,  and waterproof case or bag for your electronics. In the case that a field trip must occur on a Saturday, we will not meet for class on the following Monday.  We have two field trips scheduled outside of the city which require transportation via Metra, and round trip cost costs $12 for each of these two days.

Wk Date Topic Class Schedule Assignments


site / situate / situation // listen / observe

1 9.14 Introductions and Overview: Soundscape, examples of Eco-Sensing, Ways of Listening, Interfaces, Ethics Morning – Introductions, Syllabus review, Ear Cleaning/Observation Exercises + discussion

Afternoon – Sound Walk + Discussion, What is the Soundscape? Intro to Artists (Slides, listening)

Read + Post

– Hildegard Westerkamp, Soundwalking as an Ecological Act

– Schafer, R. Murray. Soundscape: The Tuning of the World. 1977

2 9.21 Surface, Contact, Amplification, Landscape, Landform Morning – Discuss Westerkamp + Murray, Transducer workshop

Afternoon – Chicago Landscape History (Glaciers to present), Intro to Arduino, Introduce Project 1

– Procure class kits from Maclean

– Choose a site of observation / site observations # 1

– Finish contact mics / explore

– read + post: William Cronon (selections)

3 9.28 Perspective, Extension, Resolution, Field work Field Trip (Miller Breach – via CTA)

(this trip will fall slightly askew of class hours)

Site observations #2 – Create a database of sounds from your site

Read + post: Tacita Dean, Place (Selections) – Smithson (selections)

mediate / communicate / translate

4 10.5 Compiling, Composing, Sensing, Speaking Morning – Prepared for Field Trip

Afternoon – Environmental Sensor Workshop, Prep for Balloon Mapping

Work on Project 1

Choose an artist and date for artist presentations

read Eric’s “Sound and Listening”

5 10.11 NOTE – CLASS WILL MEET ON SUNDAY, OCT 11 with rain date MONDAY OCT 12

Balloon mapping with Experimental Geographies, Sarah Ross’s KLab class, and Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s Bioart class (Site tbd)

6 10.19 Remote sensing and listening, Wilderness Radio, live stream

Morning – locusonus Sound Map, Discuss field trip, 

Afternoon – Basic Audio editing, Field Recroder Authorization, planned for Miller Beach show

Read: Timothy Morton

Research: Miller Beach

Work on Project 1 for in progress critique

7 10.26 Presentation, Feedback, Discussion In Progress Critiques / Studio

Miller Beach event work time

Afternoon – Create Early Warning System for Immanent Disasters, Proposal by Pablo Suarez, Director of Red Cross/Red Crescent Center for Climate Change

– Finish Project 1

Read/Listen: Barry Truax interview (podcast for Sounding Out)


oikos / the extended self / hyphae / hi-fi

8 11.2 Colaboration, Climate Change, Hyperobjects, Disaster + Relief, Acoustic Communities PROJECT 1 Critique

Afternoon: Intro Project 2, discuss community/ecology/etc , discuss Hyperobjects       

Listen: Leah Barclay River Listening Project

– Project 2 Proposal

9 11.9 Listening Projects, Interiors, Exteriors, Urban Ecologies, Listening + Architecture Meet in Sullivan Gallery Galleries, Listening Projects – Leah Barclay, Linda Keane

Create Hydrophones, alternative listening devices

<<Workshop with visiting artist Eric Ellingson>>

Saturday  workshop with Eric Ellingson (Check in with instructors if there is a scheduling conflict to arrange an alternative)
10 11.15 Riverways, Water, Urban Histories Field Trip: Miller Beach.

At the Headwaters class project

(this trip will occur on Sunday, Nov 15, class will not meet on the 16th. stay tuned for details about hours)

11 11.23 Prepare, Troubleshoot, Wander In Progress Critiques

Class artist presentations (x2),

12 11.30 Practice, Rehearse, Revisit, Revise Studio work-day

Class artist presentations (x2)


Critique Week – No Class

13 12.14 Studio work-day
14 12.21 Finals Final Critiques Have a great break!