At The Headwaters – Special Programming

At the Headwaters is an exhibition and afternoon of events exploring aspects of the Calumet River system’s history and present tenses. On November 15, students from our class participated in an afternoon of special programming for the event, focused on bringing attention to the acoustic environment of this particular location. Events included a soundwalk, listening exercises, installation, durational performance, and hydrophone exercises, following a ‘discursive seed bomb’ exercise led by artists Sarah Lewison and duskin drum.

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*Photos by Adam Bach

Event information

Program of Events
1:00 – 2:30 PM
Sarah Lewison and duskin drum will hold a Sunday workshop making “discursive seed bombs”. Through an aleatory group reading/making, participants are invited to temporarily lose control of imagining feelings about futures.

2:30 – 4:00 PM
Lindsey French, Eric Leonardson, and students from their EcoSensing and Soundscape class from the School of the Art Institute Chicago will host a guided soundwalk with listening activities which will invite visitors to explore and attune to the surrounding sonic landscape.the soundwalk will be a 1 mile walk north along South Lake Street, from the Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts up until the bridge near the intersection of North Lake Street and Forest Avenue, then back to the gallery.

around the gallery
In addition to the artwork, artifacts, and happenings within and around the gallery space, we are proud to present the following works by students from the EcoSensing and Soundscape class from the School of the Art Institute Chicago.

Lin Zi & Danhua Ma
Part of the soundwalk event, River Listening aims to bring participants together to listen to the sounds of the underwater. Simultaneously, the artists use Live Streaming as a tool to transmit the sounds from the mouth of the Calumet River at Miller Beach to a web-based platform. In order to listen to the sound of the river, one can choose to use a hydrophone that requires them to follow the leader of the soundwalk, or they can listen to the Livesteam through the

Seeds For Records
Falak Ramesh Vasa
Seeds For Records is a durational performance/installation piece. The piece raises questions about situating control, lack thereof, anthropogenic equivalents to natural materials, and human and non-human exchanges. Seeds For Records will be performed outside the gallery space.

Eryka Dellenbach & Shengze ZhuMultimedia installation.

Friction Mallets
Philip Silva & Hannah Kim
Beginning of Soundwalk

Hydrophone Exercises
Eric Leonardson, Frank Harner, & Lin ZiAt the bridge north of the intersection of North Lake Street and Forest Avenue.


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