Reflections on a Human Site

For my final piece in this course, I wished to work within the framework of expectations of a site, notably my own. I have worked with elements of text alongside a visual MAX patch. In this text, I generated a reflection on my own expectations of site, notably one that I personally define as artificial or natural. I had discussed in this reading the nature of my expectations as they had progressed from my own upbringing and how the various locations I had visited over the years have shaped the ways in which I view my current environment. I had also considered the effects of human intervention of an environment and the need for definition of artificial versus natural.

As the MAX patch, I had included visual representations of these locations in a formation that suggests a progression into the current destination. I had also included various sonic recordings of my current environment that are adjustable to be used while I am performing a reading of my text.Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.56.05 PM


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