Oboe in Phase

For my final project, I used a single audio clip of myself playing a simple phrase on the oboe:

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 7.25.53 PM.png

It is simple, yet it maintains a rhythmic signature in the pair of eighth notes. It is in triple time yet the fact that it begins and ends on the same note – and is repeated ad infinitum – can trick one into listening to it under the assumtion that it is in double.

A recording of this phrase is played into a reel-to-reel tape machine in record mode. The 1/4″ tape that it is recorded onto is being fed directly into a second tape machine in playback mode. The result is a delay at roughly 5 seconds.

The output signal from the second machine is fed back into the input of the first machine resulting in the trigger of a chain  reaction. The resultant reaction is affected using dynamic control to alter how much signal is being sent where.

This  process is inspired by nuclear chain reactions and the fragility of criticallity.  K=1 is safe. One reaction on average causes another reaction. K>1 is unsafe and supercriticallity is the concept behind many nuclear weapons.

I find chain reactions to be a very pretty concept as everything causes another thing.


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